CMS Demo

Demo Our CMS Software 
Watch the sample videos below to see the complex video features of our systems controlled by a very user-friendly software.

 Remote Live View
  • Software Username/Password for Security
  • Drag & Drop to View Camera Groups or Individual Cameras
  • Click to View Single Camera
  • Control PTZ Manually or with Easy Presets
  • Click Again to View All Cameras
  • Create Custom Screen Layouts choosing different cameras from different sites
Remote Search & Playback
  • Choose Search Option 
  • Drag & Drop Camera Group to Search
  • Choose Date from Calendar
  • Choose Hour & click Playback
  • Choose Minute & Cameras & click Playback
  • View Cameras to Playback
  • Click to Playback Single Camera
  • Capture Picture and Save
  • Click Again to View All Cameras
Remote Download & Local Playback
  • Drag & Drop Camera Group to Download
  • Choose Date, Hour, Minute & Cameras
  • Specify Exact Time Duration to Download
  • Local Player In Same Software
  • Choose File to Playback
Convert DVR Video to MPEG4
  • Choose File from Downloaded Files
  • Choose Camera & Duration to Convert
  • Quality, Watermark & Time View Options
  • Quickly Convert & Play on Window Media Player

37x Zoom PTZ and Motion Record Demo

  • View the distance 37x Zoom PTZ covers
  • Notice video freezes with no motion, then begins recording again when motion is sensed.  Sensitivity is adjustable to maximize hard drive space.
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