Law Enforcement Solutions
Law Enforcement faces the toughest challenges in today's society.  Budget cuts, increasing crime, and constant changes in technology are making it more difficult for our officers to be as effective as they strive to be.  Security Lines US designs systems to help ease the burdens of these challenges.

Our POD is the perfect crime suppressant for problem areas.  With it's flashing blue strobe light, it is visible and reminds everyone that Law Enforcement is watching.  Only requiring 110 power, the cost of infrastructure is almost nothing.


Visible Deterrent

  • Place in alleys, parks, intersections, or vacant lots
  • Turn on flashing blue strobe light to let everyone know the POD is there.
  • With its obvious 4 cameras, deter unwanted activity almost immediately.

Portable Solution
  • Requiring only power, using cellular or Wi-fi, move the POD from one area of concern to another and have cameras viewable minutes after adding power.
  • With the Street Light Power Adapter, capture 110 power from light poles.
  • Utilize different custom mounts, install on poles or parapets with no drilling or intrusions required in minutes.

 Versatile Tool
  • View live via Internet Explore smartphone, and iPhone app
  • Search, Playback and Download recorded video remotely from any laptop or computer
  • View multiple PODs using Central Monitoring Software
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