With it's versatility and affordability, the i4-POD is a solution to almost every surveillance situation.

Temporary Surveillance - Because the POD is so easy to install and just needs power, place it in troubled areas and move it when it is needed more in another area. 

Budget Answer -  No need to spend tens of thousands of dollars.  Each POD comes with 4 cameras and complete recording and viewing system.  Buy one or two at time.  Add as your budget grows.

Permanent without Infrastructure Commitment - PODs do not need network and/or coaxial cables so there is no ground drilling, no long conduit runs, etc.  Just mount and add power.  If  you change your mind about the area your POD is viewing, simply unplug, unmount and move it, without having to worry about the thousands spent installing and the thousand needed to reinstall elsewhere.

For POD Video Demos, click here.

We have a POD for almost any application!

 With the POD, we have designed a complete portable surveillance system
with a Digital Video Recorder, wireless broadband router and a choice of camera configurations in one easy-to-mount enclosure.

Just mount, add power and within minutes, the system is in full operation to remotely view and download video from any internet connection.

12x Zoom PTZ Cameras  2   1
 30x Zoom PTZ Cameras
 1 3
 Pan-Tilt Stationary Cameras
 Day/Night Stationary Cameras
 1  1 1
 Infra-Red Cameras

 Digital Video Recorder with 1TB Hard Drive
 1  1 1
 Cellular Router*
 1  1 1
 Central Monitoring Software
 Yes Yes Yes
 Smartphone App for iPhone or Droid
 Yes  Yes  Yes
 Custom Mount
 Yes  Yes  Yes
 All-in-One Design Yes Yes Yes
 Powder Coated Enclosure
 Yes  Yes  Yes
 Custom Wrap Enclosure
 *Optional Wi-Fi Equipment
 Yes  Yes  Yes

POD Features





  Custom Mount makes it easy to install and move.

 Live video from multiple camers can be viewed instantly.

Use Internet Explorer to view without software

 View using i-Phone and other smartphones.

View 64 cameras per screen, up to 4 screens = 256 cameras

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