Special Events

Maximize your management and security efforts at your next event by using our i4-PODsOur i4-PODs are easily mounted and only require power.  Within minutes, you can view 4 cameras from each i4-PODs Place them throughout your event site and have live video from multiple cameras stream to your command center

So Many Advantages.....

Being able to view live different areas of your event from your command center will give you the advantage you need to make sure your event runs smoothly.  

The i4-POD's on-board recording will allow you to playback events that occur on and off hours, making it a virtual guard.

When you're not in your command center, watch the i4-PODs live from your iPhone or Droid. 

Your security team can also view cameras in another area or th event when they are roaming, giving them extra "eyes" and extending their coverage.

With the i4-POD's flashing blue strobe light making the presence of surveillance cameras known to all, it serves a visible deterrent helping to minimize possible unwanted activities. 
This complete, portable surveillance system that only requires power allows for quick setup and take down so you can have as many cameras you need to get the coverage you want without the hassle of infrastructure.    

You can rent the i4-POD so you don't have to worry about maintaining, repairing or storing it for your next event.  You can even choose to have a tech on call and/or on site. 

Rent-a-Pod for your next event and experience the difference!
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